1) Snakify

            • Beginner
            • 50 exercises: input, print, integers, loops, conditions, strings, lists, functions.

    2) CodeClub

            • Beginner (kids)
            • 12 Projects: rock paper scissors game, encryption program to send secret messages, create own passwords, plot ISS, program to split players into 2 teams and so on.

    4) Edabit

            • Beginner
            • 100 Exercises: last item in an array, even/odd number, word count, reverse string order, alphabet soup, repeating letters, factorial, sort numbers, phone number formatting, etc.


    5) PySchools (Login required)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 150 exercises: functions, conditionals, loops, lists, strings, classes, tuples, regex, built-in functions, dictionaries.


    6) University of Helsinki (PDF, to see all exercises change number in the browser bar)

            • Beginner
            • 12 exercises: dictionaries exercises. Functions with loops on dictionaries, function to invert a dictionary.


    7) Zarkonnen

            • Beginner
            • 8 text exercises: sum of lengths of names, shortest names in text, convert a number to its string, sort names in text alphabetically, etc.


    8) GITHUB- Jerry Git (Jupyter Notebooks)

            • Beginner
            • 15 Exercises: fill in the blanks (conditionals), find bugs in code, create and merge dictionaries, using custom exceptions, count average length of words in a sentence, lists,  function to turn vowels in uppercase and consonants in lower case, create test case for a function and so on.


    8) Hackerrank

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 150 Exercises: strings, sets, maths, loops, collections, dates, exceptions, classes, regex, XML.


    9) University of California (Physics)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 40 exercises: lists, functions, loops, modules, conditionals, linear algebra, statistics.


    10) Python School

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 40 Exercises + problems: math, maze game, selection, making a quiz, iteration, menu program, functions.


    11) CodeChef

            • Beginner – Easy – Intermediate – Advanced
            • 200 Challenges & problems.


    12) California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

            • Beginner -Intermediate
            • 15 Programming problems: program of treasure hunt, chess queen attack, program for secret messages, turn roman numbers into arabic, phone words program, calculation of bowling match scores, etc.


    13) Code Abbey

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 50 Problems: rounding, sum of digits, average in array, modular calculator, double dice roll, mortgage calculator, star medals, lucky tickets, etc.


    14) Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 40 exercises + 2 projects + exam: math module, quadratic formula, random function,  nims/stones games, lists, report card function, list comprehensions, structures, OOP, inheritance.


    15) Programming for biologists

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 150 exercises: databases, expressions and variables, loops, functions, graphics, list comprehension,OOP, Scientific Python.


    16) Practice Python

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 36 exercises: list comprehensions, list remove duplicates, element search, write to a file, draw a game board, max of three, hangman, birthday plots, odd or even, functions, modules.


    17) Coderbyte

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 200 Exercises: letter capitalize, time convert, vowel square, longest word, coin determiner, stock picker, matrix chains, character removal, etc.


    18)  W3Resource

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 400 Exercises: strings, lists, functions, loops, conditionals, date time, data structure, recursion, math,regex, numpy, pandas.


    19)  Norwegian Center of Excellence

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 10 scientific Python exercises: maths, loops, functions, combine text and numbers, plot a function, numpy.


    20)  Simpliv LLC (Basic Python interview questions)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 50 Interview questions: theory questions and exercises.


    20) Techbeamers

            • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
            • 30 Interview questions.



            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 50 Exercises: introduction, functions, data type, files.
            • Find square root, generate random numbers, display multiplication table, find sum of natural numbers, convert decimal to binary, find factors of number, display calendar, add two matrices, find size of an image, count number of vowels, merge mails, etc.


    20) PyNative (DATA SCIENCE)

            • Beginner
            • 75 Exercises: Pandas, NumPy, data structure, Matplotlib, Database.


    20) Exercism

            • Intermediate
            • 40 Problems: word count, calculate date of meetups, robot simulator, list without nulls, determine list is a sublist, type of triangle, zebra puzzle, implement binary search algorithm, etc.


    21) Oxford Cambridge and RSA (PDF)

            • Intermediate
            • 20 Code challenges: email validator program, password reset program, quiz application, count words/vowels in a string,  shopping list tracker program, etc.


    22) Ynon Perek

            • Intermediate
            • 40 Examples: text processing, OS integration, functions, generators, classes, modules, exceptions, lists, multiprocessing.


    23) Liverpool University, Computer Science

            • Intermediate
            • 22 Problems: compund interest code, lower to upper case program, time to fill swimming pool, calculator, area and circunference calculation, distance conversion, load data into dictionaries, triangle recognition, etc.


    24) GITHUB

            • Intermediate
            • Data Science interview questions: technical (SQL, Python) and theory (statistics, Machine Learning)



    25)  Harvard University. Course of Data Science (CS109)

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • 5 Assignments, 10 labs: data cleaning, web scrapping, Pandas, Matplotlib libraries, linear regression (SciKit learn), cross validation, map reduce, etc.


    26) Advent for code

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • 30 Programming Puzzles & problem solving (storytelling). Frequency: 1 per calendar day.


    27) Timus Online Judge (largest Russian archive of programming problems)

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • ~500 problems and exercises held at Russian Universities and trainning camps.


    28) GITHUB.TVTRAN (Project based learning- Data Science)

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • 50 Examples: web scrapping (Selenium), build a miroblog&webapp with Flask, buid a RESTful microservice, build a reddit bot, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, linear regression, classification problem, deep learning.


    29)  Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, University of Heidelberg

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • 50 statistics exercises (scipy): probability, linear models, bayesian models, hypothesis testing, cross validation.

    30) The advent of code

            • Intermediate – Advanced
            • Programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like. People use them as a speed contest, interview prep, company training, university coursework, practice problems.

    30) Project Euler

            • Advanced
            • 800 Exercises: coding math problems.


    31) Programming Praxis

            • Advanced
            • 200 exercises & interview questions: maths, searching, classic algorithms, astronomy, prime numbers, fundamentals of computing, arithmetic, computational geometry, cryptography, data processing, games, graphs.


    32) German Neuroinformatics Node (PDF)

            • Advanced
            • 8 Problems: write a decorator to cache function invocation results, generator functions, write a file browser, plugin registration system and so on.

    33) ICPC – International Collegiate Programming Constest

            • Advanced
            • Problems of  former editions.

    34) Labri (Numpy library)

            • Intermediate
            • 90 Numpy exercises

    35)  Python Bloggers

            • Articles, news, compilation of Python Blogs.

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