Analyze News and Pull Data from Texts



Analyze News and Pull Data from Texts
Analyze News and Pull Data from Texts



Named Entity Extraction Project with spaCy

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Robert Utterback
Robert is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Monmouth College (US).
He worked as research intern and software engineer at Huawei and Cerner corporation.
Robert holds a PhD of Computer Science (Washington University in St. Louis) and Bachelor of Science
Mathematics, Computer Science.

This task is known as Named Entity Recognition. It seeks to locate and classify named entity mentions in unstructured text into pre-defined categories such as the person names, organizations, locations and so on.
In this particular project, you will be  given a single text file  containing multiple news articles. The goal is to scan each article for the names of people and print results following several conditions such as sorting, whitespaces, blank lines, etc.
Additionally, you are requested to implement functions to count, modify and add characters to the results.

You will receive an email with a protected  ZIP  and a password to access the content. If you are a  registered user, the download is always available on your account.
1) One PDF with the project description along with hints to guide you during the project.
2) A .py file with the project solved. It contains not only the source code but also detailed explanations and comments about how the code
works. For specific topics, links are provided to online tutorials.
3) Two .txt files with the output of the code and the dataset with the news articles.

– Libraries: you will have to work with the next libraries: Spacy, re, datetime.
– Python functions, loops (for) and  conditional statements (if/else).
– Read csv, txt files (with open()), list comprehensions and dictionaries.

– Basic Regular Expressions
– Argparse when running from the Linux command line.

Python 3

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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  1. lou_bot (verified owner)

    I bought this project with the hopes that it would allow me to improve my NLP skills and knowledge. I’m happy to say that it ended up being exactly what I was looking for.

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  2. Tim Dow (verified owner)

    A great project to practice and learn Natural Language Processing

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  3. Dante (verified owner)

    If you have some basic experience with Python and really want to learn text processing, this practice is for you

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