Solar System Output Challenge



Solar System Output Challenge
Solar System Output Challenge



Python Challenge

Daniel Gunn is a software developer based in the UK. He holds a Computer Science degree, and he currently works as a freelance programmer specialized in Python.

If you’re looking to install a solar panel system in your home or business, it is important that you understand the factors that affect the solar panel output and how to calculate the solar installation energy production . The goal of the following Python project is to write a command line program (no GUI required) to calculate a residential solar system output (Kwh) based on multiple inputs such as irradiation data, solar panel types, number of panels and so on. You will have to write the engine of the apps many utility companies and websites offer online.

Main parts
– Read the data provided that is necessary to carry out the calculations and request the user to enter certain inputs.
– Code all the predefined formulas and adapt them accordingly based on each user circumstances (location, house size, consumption, etc). You will have to create dictionaries and lists to store the variables. Write functions combined with loops, conditional statements and try/except blocks to calculate each variable of the different formulas. Finally, you will have to pack everything to calculate and print the final results so that the user know if it is worth investing his money in the system. The data and the formulas are real.
It is a functional programming exercise, since you will you have to define multiple functions to make the program work.

You will receive an email with a ZIP file.  The download is also available on your account.
The ZIP file includes:
1) INSTRUCTIONS: A PDF with the project description. It includes a screenshot of the final outcome so you can see how the program works.
2) DATA:
– csv files with the irradiation data.
– Excel file with the additional data necessary for the calculations.
– A .py file with the source code (350 lines). The code provided in the solutions has been written by a senior developer, so it is clean and easy to understand. A great way to learn and adopt right habits to create quality software.
– A PDF with detailed explanations of each chunk of code (14 pages). The instructor explains step by step what the code does and why.

– Conditional statements
– Loops (for) + enumerate
Read csv and Excel files
Errors and exceptions
Formatted String Literals (f-strings)
“__init__” method

This project is highly recommended for Python intermediate students who have attended Python courses and feel comfortable with core Python concepts like loops, methods or functions definition.  It is an excellent assignment to create real applications with Python.

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Time Estimate

2 Days

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