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You are given five assignments  to learn and practice real applications of Python and one mini project to automate tasks.
All exercises are real. You will be requested to write scripts to automate and perform tasks that either programmers or analysts must perform on a daily basis at companies from a wide range of industries. The assignments are as follows:

  1. Password Generator

    Create a password generator according to some conditions. Easy, 15 lines of code. You will practice lists and the random library.

  2. API Call

    Display the  current location of the International Space Station on a maps website: Difficult.
    You will have to retrieve data from an API and navigate the web through a web driver. To carry out the navigation part you will need the Selenium library. If you are not familiar with Selenium you will probably need to read some of the  documentation.  Fantastic exercise to get confident automating web browsing with Python.

  3. Image edition with Python.

    A real exercise to automate image manipulation. You will get the fundamentals of the Pillow library.
    Intermediate, 20 lines of code.

  4. PDFs with Python

    Extract tables from pdfs and export them to a spreadsheet. Easy, 10 lines of code.

  5. Automation

    Automate web browsing to search and retrieve data form websites: Intermediate, 25 lines of code.
    Another exercise to practice web navigation with Selenium.

  6. Mini Project

    You are requested to write scripts to take care of tasks like opening news websites, logging into your social media accounts, clean  desktop folders, classify files and send emails to relatives with a predefined message. Intermediate 120 lines of code. Short, fun and real Python problems for intermediates. You will have to code with Python the things you usually do on a daily basis.
    This project is also sold  separately here.

One of the reasons Python popularity is exploding is due to the ecosystem of libraries that allow you to do almost anything. The goal of these assignments is to help students get familiar with Python packages and find out how to solve real world problems.

You will receive a ZIP file made up of:
1) One PDF (9 pages) with the instructions and a guidelines section. It includes each assignment broken down into small parts so you can solve the problem step by step.
2) 6 .py files with the source code of each exercise. The code provided in the solutions has been written by a senior developer so it is clean and easy to understand. A great way to learn and adopt right habits to create quality software.

– You will have to import and work with some of the most used libraries of Python:
– Basic Selenium to navigate the web with Python.
– Tabula  to retrieve data from pdfs.
– Pillow library to edit photos with Python.
– random, pandas, urlib.request, string, time, etc.
– Loops.
– API calls.

These exercises are designed for intermediate students who have already finished some projects, have a proper knowledge of  Python core concepts and are willing to practice and learn new libraries.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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