Regex & Data structures Exercises

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Regex & Data structures Exercises
Regex & Data structures Exercises



Regex Practice


The following sets of exercises have been designed to practice regex and data structures. It is a digital download that includes 10 Python problems of data structures and 10 Python exercises of regular expressions. The problems have been developed by senior IT managers to test the minimum knowledge about regex and lists/dictionaries required for entry level candidates.

You will practice the following topics:

  • Lists and sets exercises.
  • List comprehension.
  • Dictionary comprehension.
  • Find patterns in a sentence.
  • Remove unwanted characters in text.
  • Find and extract dates and emails.
  • Find and match specific names.
  • Clean texts.
  • Etc.

Why is regex so important? Regular expressions are a powerful tool for manipulating and searching text. They enable you to check the presence of specific characters, match patterns, find substrings, replace whitespace, extract information from URLs and dates, and perform various string manipulations. Regex is extensively used in data validation, file parsing, text processing, and even web scraping.

But here’s the catch – theory and memory alone won’t make you an expert in regex or dictionaries. The key to becoming confident is to practice regex – solving problems, tackling real-world scenarios, and gaining hands-on experience. That’s why these exercises are designed to challenge you and help you apply your knowledge in practical ways.

By working on these Python exercises, you’ll gain a deep understanding of data structures and regular expressions. You’ll also become familiar with essential regex features such as syntax, metacharacters, special sequences, methods and functions, such as “match()”, “search()”, split, replace() and so on.

The benefits of practicing with this type of exercises are immense. You’ll develop a strong foundation in regex and data structures, enhance your problem-solving skills, gain confidence in text manipulation, and become proficient in using regex, dictionaries and lists. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to reinforce your learning with our detailed solutions, ensuring you grasp the concepts thoroughly.


Ater purchase, you will receive an email with a ZIP file. The download is always available on your Practity account.
The Zip files includes:

  1. Two PDF  with the exercises description. One for the regex practice and another for the Python data structures exercises. It includes a short hint to help you solve the problems.
  2. Two Jupyter Notebooks with the solutions.
    IMPORTANT: to see the solutions (Notebook) you need to have Jupyter or the ANACONDA package installed on your machine. If you do not have it,  you may download it here. It is free.


Maria Lymperaiou  is a software engineer at JP Morgan Chase Bank  in the UK. She has been researcher at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland and holds a ME Electrical and Computer  Engineering.



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