Desktop Apps with Tkinter

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Desktop Apps with Tkinter
Desktop Apps with Tkinter





This practice is a digital download including 4 popular Python projects with GUI to build desktop applications with the Tkinter library. You can also buy each project separately.


The goal of this Python challenge is to create an application with the Tkinter library to convert amounts from one currency to another.
There are two main parts:
1) GUI
2) API call
1) You will have to create the graphical user interface according to certain requirements. To make it work, the application will have buttons, a progress bar and a drop-down menu.
2) The app has to display the converted amounts using live exchange rates. You will have to write an API call to get the exchange rates and implement it as the engine of the application.
It is also a fantastic project to practice object.oriented programming since classes and methods are highly recommended in GUI programming.
The project includes a guidelines section with the challenge broken down in several tasks so you can finish the exercise step by step.


Build a desktop application with Tkinter to detect words or sentences in several languages and translate them into English.
There are two main parts:
1) The Graphical User Interface. You are requested to create the interface according to certain requirements. You will have to add buttons, drop-down menus, progress bar, etc. It is an excellent exercise to learn the popular Tkinter library.
2) Translations are possible through an API call that provides the word in English. You will have to write a program to call the API,  retrieve the values and implement it as the engine of the application.
The solution provided structures the code in classes and methods, so it is great project to practice and get confident with object-oriented programming. OOP helps to keep the code structured and clean. You will have to write methods to implement the functionalities of the app under one unique class so no need of advanced knowledge of OOP.
This is a good project to practice many aspects of Python at the same time. The GUI part is quite basic so it is a fantastic introduction to the Tkinter library and the front end development with Python. The backend of the program is a bit more complex since you have to write a script to call the API, get the translation and detection values and combine them with the interface. In addition, it includes some extras requirements like showing error messages if the API call fails or introduce an accuracy threshold for the language detection part.


Create a desktop application that simulates the e-Commerce payment platform interface you may find at any web merchant. You will have to design a window showing the company logo and several  fields to enter the credit card information. Like in the real world, credit card information is subject to many restrictions that you will have to implement. For instance, some card issuers do not allow payments greater than a predefined amount or vice versa. Card numbers follow patterns that you will have to code in order to spot fake numbers. In addition, you will have to add buttons and pop-up windows with warning messages.

Main parts

– The construction of the Graphic interface through Tkinter tools.
– The implementation of the requirements necessary to complete the checkout process.

Therefore, it is a challenge to practice the popular Tkinter library and  learn how to create desktop applications . The project is also a basic OOP challenge since you will you have to create classes and write methods to set up the different conditions required to process payments.


Curious about how many calories you burned during your trainings? You can estimate your calorie expenditure by using a simple calculator. The goal of this Python code project is to create an application to calculate the energy expenditure of multiple sports like running or boxing and routine activities such as ironing  or yoga. The program works as follows: the user will have a screen to enter several variables like the age or weight and the application will automatically display the calories burned during the exercise selected in the menu along with two other ratios. You will have to build dropdown menus, selection buttons and blank spaces to enter data.

Main parts
– The graphical user interface (GUI): It involves the construction of the skeleton of the app with its corresponding Tkinter widgets.
– Populate the app with the data provided in a “csv” file and implement the formulas defined in the instructions to calculate the calories burned.
This Python challenge is also available with the PyQt platform.


You will receive an email with a ZIP file. The download with the 4 Python projects with GUI is always available on your Practity account.
The ZIP file includes:
1) INSTRUCTIONS: A PDF with the 4 projects description. It includes a short guidelines section, and a screenshot of the app so can visualize what you have to build.
2) DATA: The files (csv, jpg, etc) in case you need them to complete the assignments.
– A .py file with the source code for each application. The code provided in the solutions has been written by a senior developer, so it is clean and easy to understand. A great way to learn and adopt right habits to create quality software.
– The checkout app and calories burned calculator come with a PDF explaining each chunk of code. The instructor explains step by step what the code does and why.


– Classes and methods. See here for more information.
– Python Libraries: requests, threading
– Conditional statements
– Loops (for) + enumerate
Python Functions
Data structures: lists and dictionaries
Read csv files
Errors and exceptions.
Formatted String Literals (f-strings)
“__init__” method


These 4 Python projects with GUI are highly recommended for Python intermediate students who have attended Python courses and feel comfortable with core Python concepts like loops, methods or functions definition.  It is an excellent job to start building desktop applications and get familiar with the Tkinter library.


Tkinter is a popular library in Python that allows developers to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for their applications. It provides a wide range of tools and pre-built widgets (such as buttons, labels, entry fields, menus, etc) which can be easily customized and arranged to create the desired user interface and build interactive and visually appealing interfaces. Tkinter is included in the standard Python distribution, which means that it is readily available for use without the need for any additional installations.
One of the main reasons why Tkinter is considered the best choice for building GUIs in Python is its simplicity and ease of use. The library has a straightforward and intuitive API that makes it easy to create desktop applications quickly.
Another advantage of using Tkinter is its cross-platform compatibility. Applications built with Tkinter can run on different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, without any modifications. This makes it convenient for developers who want their applications to be accessible to a wide range of users.
Tkinter also offers a wide range of features and functionalities that can be utilized to create fun Python projects. For example, you can use Tkinter to create games, interactive maps, data visualization tools, and much more. The library provides support for event handling, which allows defining actions that are triggered by user interactions, such as button clicks or mouse movements.
Additionally, Tkinter offers excellent documentation and resources that make it easy for Python students to learn and utilize its features effectively. The official Python documentation provides detailed explanations and examples of how to use different widgets and features of Tkinter. There are also numerous tutorials and guides available online that can help you get started with Tkinter.See here for more information.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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