Best Project Ideas to Practice Python



  • Program to remember birthdays of family and friends: Write a script that reads a csv and sends a reminder email if the current date matches a birthday. It is a Python challenge to automate tasks.
  • Translator Application: create a desktop application to translate words or sentences into English. Build the front end and the translation engine with Python. A good practice of Object Oriented Programming combined with the tkinter library.
  • Elevators software: program that simulates the engine of an elevator. You will have to code all functions of a regular lift such as floor indicator, open/close doors, direction, etc.
  • Python Automation Assignments: Selection of python problems for intermediates to practice automation exercises  such as:
    – Open a web browser.
    – Log in your social media accounts.
    – Send emails.
  • Python mini projects for intermediates
    • Retrieve S&P 500 stocks information and display it  as search engines do when users input a stock ticker.
    • Take screenshots and store them in a new folder named with the current date.
    • Exercise of real applications of Python dictionaries.
    • Write a program to select the most suitable activity based on several conditions using object-oriented programming.
  • Excel tasks automation: Create a program that automates the job many consulting firms do every month to calculate the fees they charge to their customers. It is also a Pandas challenge, a great opportunity to learn how to replace the spreadsheet with Python.
  • Python Assignments:  Python assignments for beginners and intermediates:
    • Python exercise to extract data from PDFs and save it in Excel.
    • Python challenge: code a web browser to find trends with Python.
    • Python exercise: create a password generator according to several requirements.
    • Python project: display in a map the current situation of the ISS.
  • Regex and data structures: Python exercises of the most common used regular expressions.
  • Parking machine software: Create a program to calculate the final price for any driver willing to park in the city center. The program will have to display the total charge based on the user input as well as multiple conditions such as type of car, parking zone, timetable. etc.
  • The wheel of fortune: Python project (text game) to  play the wheel of fortune with the same constraints and rules of the show. A reduced version of the famous TV show.
  • Tank Wars Game: Python project to build the tank wars game with Python and the Pygame library.
  • Encryption MIni Challenge: Create a keyword cipher. Write a script to encrypt or decrypt a message taking a keyphrase as input.


  • Natural Language Processing challenge: scan multiple news articles and extract names of people based on several conditions (name entity recognition). Python and the Spacy library project.
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas: multiple Python and Pandas problems of cleaning, formatting,  and preparing data for analysis.
  • Machine Learning project: Given a big dataset, build a model to classify clients based on the years of subscription and forecast new client’s subscriptions.
  • Data Cleansing challenge: Several files are provided  to clean, structure and merge them in order to create a unique aggregated data frame ready to be loaded in any visualization tool for analysis purposes. A real Python and Pandas project.
  • Excel problems solved with Python: Practice the Pandas library replacing popular Excel functions and formulas with Python scripts.


  • Object Oriented Programming for intermediates: 3 Python projects focused on OOP:
    • Text game: create an interactive program with OOP to play the treasure hunt (no graphics).
    • Python project: create a decision-making program to select the best cruise for Christmas based on several conditions.
    • Rolling dices game: simulate the dices rolling score and find the winner at each round.
  • Object Oriented Programming: 3 Python projects for beginners focused on OOP:
    • Python project: write a program to calculate earnings and handle customers reservations of a hotel  based on multiple variables.
    • Python project: write a program to help a couple decide what airline offers the best deal for a family trip.
    • Python project: write a program to follow up the registration process of a pet hotel.
  • Object – Oriented Programming for advanced level: three Python challenges of OOP:
    • Create a program using OOP to help a student decide what is the best choice to go to the university.
    • Find the local maximum and minimum of a list of stock values.
    • Write a program to limit number of clients inside a shop and make them keep the social distance.
  • Prisionner´s Dilemma: advanced coding challenge to implement Game theory with Python. Student is requested to build a prisioner’s dilemma simulator to test different strategies under several scenarios.


  • Online Checkout application: Simulate the checkout process of an ecommerce with the Tkinter library. Create the payment platform graphical interface of a web merchant.
  • Calories Burned Calculator: Build an application with the PyQt5 platform to calculate the energy expenditure of multiple sports and daily activities.
  • Recipe Calories Calculator: Build an app and its GUI to calculate and display thecalories and nutrients of your recipes and dishes.
  • Art Works App: Build a web application with the Flask library to search and display the most famous paintings of the Metropolitan Museum.
  • Currency Converter Application: Create a desktop application with Tkinter to convert Euros into other currencies using real-life exchange rates.
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