Python Projects with Source Code

Python Projects with Source Code


Python projects with source code are vital for effective learning. While attending courses or watching tutorials is the first step of the learning curve, working on real projects and challenges is key for developing programming skills. They offer a practical learning experience, allowing learners to apply theoretical knowledge, enhance problem-solving skills, and develop a deeper understanding of Python concepts. Working on real projects provides students with the opportunity to experiment, build confidence, develop critical thinking skills, and explore their interests. Here is a compilation of Python practice projects to level up your coding skills:

1) Program to Validate IBAN numbers

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standardized international bank account numbering system used to identify bank accounts when making cross-border transactions. It’s a unique alphanumeric code that helps ensure seamless and error-free processing of international payments.

The goal of this real Python project is to write a Python function that validates if an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) input by the user is a valid IBAN. An excellent Python assignment to practice functions and loops.

2) Simulate the range() function

Rather than use the popular built-in function, you will have to create your own one. A function that returns a sequence of numbers, starting from 0 by default, and increments by 1 (by default), and stops before a specified number.

3) Matrix Calculator Challenge

Write a Python 3 program to multiply matrices. It is not only an Algebra  problem but also a great coding exercise to work on lists, nested loops and math operations.

4) Countdown Challenge

Write a function that counts down from any given number to zero. A great practice to understand loops combined with functions and the “time” module

5) Longest word in a Paragraph

This Python mini project consists of writing a function that returns the longest word of a given a text or paragraph.

6) Build the len() function

The objective of this Python challenge is to replicate the built-in function “len()”. You will have to write a script that counts the number of elements of a given list.

7) Python projects for intermediates

A selection of 4 Python projects with source code to build programs used in the real world.

The wheel of fortune: Create a command-line program to play the famous TV show.

Elevator Software: Write a program that simulates the software of an elevator.

Parking Machine: Write a program that simulates the software of the street parking machines.


8) Add watermark to a PDF

The aim of this Python project is to write a script to insert a watermark to all pages of a PDF. A great exercise to start managing PDFs with Python and the PyPDF2 library.

9) Python Exercises for all levels

Compilation of websites focused on Python exercises. You will find exercises about multiple Python subjects.

10) Appointments Notifications Challenge

Create a  very useful Python program to notify/remind you on your laptop screen your pre-defined meetings and appointments. A great exercise to practice “while” loops, explore the “plyer” library and gain practical experience in using Python for dates and time operations. It will help you improve your coding skills and become more proficient in Python.

11) Python Regex Project

Write a Python script to validate credit card numbers. In this Python assignment you will have to create a program that should adhere to the conditions of a credit card number to be considered valid.

Very complete exercise to practice regular expressions and problem-solving skills.

12) Program to generate a deck of cards

Create a command line program that generates a standard 52-card French-suited deck.

13) Find the day of the week from any calendar day

The goal of this Python problem is to write a program that prompts the user to enter a date and returns the corresponding day of the week. To accurately determine the day of the week for any given calendar date, you will have to  implement the Christian Zeller algorithm.

14) Python projects with GUI

Compilation of Python projects ideas focused on building programs and applications with graphical user interface.

15) Generator of lottery numbers challenge

You have to write a python program to generate 10 unique lottery tickets, each containing 10 numbers from 0 to 99. The objective of this programming practice is to ensure that all lottery numbers from 0 to 99 are covered within the ten tickets, without any duplicates.

16) Lottery Tickets Validation Project

This Python project is the second part of the previous exercise. Nos your task is to create a Python program that reads the ticket numbers generated earlier on and check if all possible winning numbers are selected in the lists.

17) Draw Geometric Shapes with Python

A fun Python project to practice the turtle library, handling user input, and creating visual displays with Python.

18) Roulette Winning Numbers Counter

The objective of this Python assignment is to write a function that counts the frequency of a roulette winning. The program should count how many times each number has appeared as a winner. It is a great exercise to practice data structures like lists and dictionaries.

19) Golf Scores Calculator Project

Another Python practice to work with dictionaries. Given four dictionaries with the scores of four golf players, the goal is to write a script that displays the winner of 9 holes match along with the number of strokes.

20) Residential Solar System Calculator

It is a real python project to create a program that calculates the cost and output of a solar system. You will have to write a command line program (no GUI required) to calculate the residential solar system output (Kwh) based on multiple inputs such as irradiation data, solar panel types and so on.

21) Python Program to query JSON file

Create a program to query a given JSON file about cars. An excellent Python practice question to get familiar with JSON format.

22) Binary to Decimal Converter

A classic Python challenge, you have to create a program that converts binary numbers to decimal numbers without using Python built-in functions.

23) Automate Internet Browsing

This Python exercise consists of writing scripts to open websites and log into your social media accounts.

24) Generate a dataframe with fake data

A data project to practice the Pandas library and get familiar with dataframes and types of data engineering. You will have to build a table simulating the data of clients of a stock broker.

25) Python Projects for intermediate

Compilation of Python projects to practice core topics of Python.

26) Income Tax Python challenge

A Python progrmming challenge to build a calculator that returns tax amount due based on the income and the legal status of the user.

27) The Collatz Conjeture Challenge

An interesting Python math project. You will have to write a script to implement the conditions of the Collatz sequence.

28) Python Visualization Exercises

Matplotlib and seaborn practice to test your knowledge about the most important types of charts. You will have to create different charts to summarize the results of a programming students survey.

29) Guess Number Mini Project

A fun Python project to learn and practice how to combine “while” loops, conditional statements and lists.

30) Bingo Game Project

Write a Python  game to play a simplified version of the famous Bingo between two players.

31) Eurovision project

A Python project to practice the bubble sort algorithm. Your task is to write a Python function that sorts the countries of the competition in descending order.

32) Python Pattern Exercises

The aim of these Python practice questions is to write scripts to show different patterns such as a pyramid or a hollow square.

33) Numbers to English Converter

Write a Python program that requests an integer and displays the number written in English.

34) Password Verification Project

Write a function that simulates the password verification process for a login page.

35) Staircase Python Challenge

Write a Python script to calculate and display all the possible a the child can run up some stairs.

36) Bus Seat Reservation Project

Create a Python program to book seats of a Bus commercial route.

37) Loops Practice Question

Create a Python app to show a table displaying the results of multiplying N by 20, 200, and 2000.

38) Positive Pairs Problem

Generate a list of all the pairs of positive two digit numbers whose sum is 80, and whose difference is 14.

39) Telephone Dial Words Project

Print the words that can be formed using the alphabetic characters corresponding to each digit on a telephone dial.

40) Shapes Area with OOP

Write a Python class to calculate the areas of different geometric shapes.

41) Air Miles Calculator

Write a Python function that calculates the miles gained by frequent travelers when flying with a specific European airline. It is a Python conditionals exercise to practice how to use conditional statements in real-world problems.

42) Fuel Consumption Program with Python

Calculate the gasoline consumption of a car based on the kilometers traveled, average speed, and number of passengers in the car during a 14-day period. It is a Python project for intermediate students.

43) Descriptive Statistics Class

Write a Python class called `DataAnalyzer` that allows users to calculate statistical information for a data series. This is a Python mini project to get familiar with object-oriented programming.

44) Stock Trading Program

Given a summary of stock prices (USD) of a public company, identify trends in stock prices and generate Buy/Sell orders.

45) Color Format Converter

Write a Python program that first displays the RGB color table, prompts the user to select  one colour and prints out the equivalent CMYK parameters.

46) Budget Tracker Program

Write a Python program to track income and expenses of households.

47) Fungi Reproduction Problem

Write a program to calculate and display the number of fungi in 20 days based on their reproduction pattern.

48) Shipping Container Optimization

Write a Python script that requests the manager to enter the container and packages sizes and calculates how many packages can be sent in the container. It is a real Python coding problem for beginners and intermediate students.

49) Barcode Validator

Write a Python program to check whether a barcode is valid based on the barcode check digit rule. An interesting Python coding example for students with source code.

50) Sort Exercise with Python

Write a Python program to sort the elements of an array in ascending order, using the specified pair-wise dealing method.

51) Largest and Smallest numbers combinations

Write a Python script that prints out the largest and smallest values that can be obtained concatenating the integers of a given list.

52) Word Pattern finder

Write a Python program to find pre-defined patterns in a list of words.

53) Self Descriptive Numbers project

Your task is to code a program in Python that checks whether a number input by the user is self-descriptive.

54) The Invisible Friend Game

A command-line program that must randomly assign to each member of a team the person they have to give a present. A great python example of the random module, combined with lists and “for” loops.

55) Decoding a New Language

The goal of this Python assignment is to decode a given message in a fake language based on the equivalences provided.

56) Shopping List Project

Write a Python program that prints out the combination of products you can buy with a certain budget.

57) Fractions Calulator

Buil a calculator to add and subtract fractions with Python.

58) Zig Zag Encryption

Write a Python program to encrypt a message with the rail-fence method.

59) New Alphabet Order

Write a Python program that sorts the words of a given sentence based on this new alphabet order.

60) Submarine Class

Create a class to control the navigation of a submarine.


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