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    1) Linuxtopia

        • Beginner
        • 40 Exercises: command line. Change your password, use cd, ls, pwd, cat, file, find, kill, commands, change directory, display file permissions, determine standard output of commands, count invisible files, enter VIM tutor, print a test page, disconnect printer from network, send email to your account, play a DVD and so on.

    2) CSC-IT Center for Science (PDF)

        • Beginner
        • 25 Exercises: grep, man, mkdir, echo, awk, sed, wc commands, files, folders, backup script, frequency calculation. Unpack gz file, find directories created, create subfolders, sort directory contents, list only files with an “a”, warnings, remove all lines of file that include a tag, change column format, etc.

    3) The Linux Documentation Project (Theory&Exercises)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 100 Exercises&questions: files, processes, I/O redirection, text editor, Shell enviroment, printers, backup, networking, sound and video.
        • Log in log out, password, find partition of home directory, display search path, list files in reverse alphabetical order, change file permissions, cat, file, grep, top, ps, find, kill, xclock commands, find current TTY, change system run level, find kernel loaded, use sleep to create a reminder,  count invisible files in home directory, display limits on resource usage, customize terminal window, add an applet to task bar,  install printer, save  a file on USB, etc.

    4) Network Startup Resource Center

        • Beginner
        • 10 Services exercises&examples: find  version of “openssh-server” installed, view the status of the ssh server, stop Apache web server, display free disk space, top command, view log files in real time, etc.

    5) Quizlet

        • Beginner
        • 40 Exercises: create txt file and display content, make a copy of file, check size (bytes)  of file, rename and move file, create and remove directory, etc.

    6) Middle East Technical University

        • Beginner
        • 10 Exercises: untar files, invoke emacs, list all processes running in the background, VI modes, mv, cp, mkdir, touch, ls, touch, awk, head, tail commands,  create, concatanate and display files, compare files, extract info from files, display files which start with word…

    7) Pacific Network Operations Group (Theory&Exercises)

        • Beginner
        • 11 Examples: sudo, “inst”, installation, services, ip, root.

    8) Stanford-Practical unix

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 50 Exercises: I/O redirection, grep, regex, scripting, interfaces, cURL, lamp.
        • Regex to match well formed phone numbers, search for numbers with dashes, count words, access command-line arguments from a python script, access and use the Stanford computers (SSH), interact with a server via the shell (FTP), download a photo using CURL, etc.

    10) Evergreen Valley College

        • Beginner
        • 12 Exercises: put scripts into a file, upload file with FTP,print all lines with phone numbers (grep), email file,  sed, awk, commands, zip file, create arrays & variables, write a “calculator” program in a script, conditionals, script to prompt the user for input, loops, functions.

    12) Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Theory&Exercises, 1995)

        • Beginner
        • 100 Exercises.

    13) ProProfs

        • Beginner
        • 23 Test questions

    14) Wiki Helsinki

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 50 Exercises: use man, alias, rsync, find, gnuplot, bc commands, log on to a node with ssh, set up public & private keys, write a bash script that lists all files and subdirectories from November 2011, list the number of image files of the current month, create a proxyConfig, plot some real data points, calculate arithmetic mean, find max/min in data set, etc.

    15) InterviewBit

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 8 Exercises shell scripting & mock interview questions: transform csv, remove punctuations, valid phone number and email, sort by frequency, integer to roman number, etc.

    15) Colorado School of Mines

        • Intermediate
        • 25 Exercises: change passwords, unpack tar file, rename directory, create packed file, check your disk space, remove read and execute permissions, change to another group, less, cat, more commands, explore Gnome, copy files, text editor, ssh, etc.

    16) Learn by example. Github

        • Intermediate
        • 16 Exercises

    18)University of Glasgow (Theory&exercises)

        • Intermediate
        • 5 Exercises: data processing

    19) Hackerrank

        • Intermediate
        • 40 Exercises: for loops to display the natural numbers from to 1 to 50, identify whether a triangle is Scalene, Isosceles, or Equilateral, compute average, create an Y with 1s, Output the first lines of the given text file, text processing, etc.

    21) Techgig (Login required)

        • Intermediate
        • 11 Tests

    23) HCS Bootcamp-Github (UNIX)

        • Intermediate
        • 50 Exercises: script to perform mail merging, script to print out the usage,  loop over the contents of the data file,  scripts to work with text files, lines count,  capitalize all the letters, Print out the contents of text file in sorted order, curl LINK command, find all ocurrences of a string  build image web scrapper, stdin, stdout, stderr, and pipes, UNIX commands, etc.

    24) Linux Administration

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 80 test questions.

    25) Semanticscholar (PDF)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 6 Theory questions: under what circunstances would a kernel be compiled into a single binary file?, describe three different ways that threads could be implemented, advantages of dynamic linkage of libraries, etc.

    26) Github/agelastic (Eudyptyla challenge)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 20 Exercises

    27) Live fire labs

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 20 Job interview questions: how do you terminate a shell script if statement?, shell script to determine if a directory exists, What does 2>&1 mean?, ways to debug a shell script problem, etc.

    27) GITHUB. S-matyukevich (OS development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi, Project To be done)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 24 Exercises: Kernel & processor initialization, handle MiniUART interrupts, process scheduler, system calls, virtual memory management, etc.

    28) INIT. UNIX/Linux/storage Training consultancy

        • Advanced
        • 50 Exercises & examples: Linux network, ssh, ip binding, cron, SElinux, NFS, service files, dates, firewall, clusters, cron, cert-guide and so on.
        • Set up several prerequisite configurations for data protection between primary and secondary ONTAP clusters, Create and implement a SnapMirror relationship between volumes, configure a disaster recovery relationship between two storage virtual machines (SVMs) in different clusters, Create a login banner and a message of the day, Authenticate a cluster administrator with Active Directory,manage the physical storage resources of a cluster, Create simple NFS and SMB servers in a storage virtual machine, etc.

    30) Certdepot ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux )

        • Advanced
        • 3 samples exams & 2 quizs: RHCSA certification.

    Mangolassi (No solutions)

        • 15 Project ideas: jump box, loggin server, email system, backup system, share storage system, etc.


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