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Project Based Learning – Python

Coding is like driving, the only way to learn is… coding. Online courses and tutorials are necessary for absolute beginners but they’re just the first step. Following tutorials turns out to be  ineffective since you forget what you’ve learnt, you end up  consuming a lot of information without applying it. You have to put all that theory into practice and  start applying what you’ve learnt on projects.  Here at Practity you will find a wide range of Python projects, challenges and  assignments for all levels; the goal is to get out into the real world and begin dealing with all the unknowns. You need to become comfortable with writing basic algorithms that involve  arrays, looping, string manipulation, functions, conditionals, data structures, etc.
If you want to be a developer, writing code is only part of the job. Companies pay you to solve problems. If you’re learning only how to write code, you won’t be able to be a developer.

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching approach that focuses heavily on working on  projects. The underlaying “philosophy” is that students learn more solving real challenges than they do watching online tutorials. They face the same hurdles of the real-world and get used to finding solutions to all the problems they encounter. PBL  promotes crucial skills like autonomous learning, self-assessment, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity.

Practity offers a wide range of python  challenges and guided projects to practice and improve your programming skills. There are many categories with different types of assignments covering all areas where python is a language of choice like for example, data science. Students only have to find the most suitable project for them.

Popular python projects among visitors are Object-oriented Programming projects, real assignmentsdata science related challenges, mini projects and   applications with GUI.


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