20 Real Vlookup Exercises

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20 Real Vlookup Exercises
20 Real Vlookup Exercises



Excel Vlookup Exercises


This Excel practice consists of more than 20 Real Excel Vlookup exercises to practice the multiple use cases of the most important function of Excel.
Vlookup stands for vertical lookup and is used to search for a specific value in a table or range of cells. It is essential to practice and master the Vlookup function to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency with the spreadsheet.
All Excel exercises are real, based on business cases where vlookup is a must. You will also practice other types of lookup functions  such as hlookup, reference or database in the different scenarios that tend to occur at corporate level.
All Vlookup practice exercises come with a real set of data and describe a regular situation or problem that you will have to solve using the most suitable Excel function. As a result, the exercises replicate real world problems or situations that you may encounter at any position of wide range of industries.
Moreover, the workload is mixed, some exercises are short, finished with just one formula, but others are rather mini projects where you will have to implement and combine several formulas to yield the expected outcome.
Once you finish all the exercises, you will be more confident with Excel and gain the expertise and knowledge required to succeed at any position.


1) Find, match and retrieving values of multiple tables and/or sheets in order to get insights about a business. Not only vlookup but also other formulas used to retrieve values from one place to another.
2) Confront the situations when vlookup does not work and learn how to fix it.
3) Common Excel tools and tricks to handle and analyze data.
4) Tools and tricks to work with large data sets (more than 60 000 rows).
5) Real applications of the following functions: vlookup, sumif, hlookup, index-match, ifna, indirect, sumproduct, offset, find…
6) Nested functions.
7) Text functions: len, wide, concat, substitute, left, lower, etc.
8) Conditional statements.


90% of Excel Vlookup exercises require an intermediate level of Excel. Students must have attended a complete course of Excel and feel confident with the tool. Five Excel practice questions are considered of advanced level.
The spreadsheets included in the project have been done with the latest Excel version. It is then compatible with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.


After purchase, you will receive a zip folder in the confirmation email. It also available on your Practity account.
The file includes the next files:

  1. PDF with the Excel problems description.
  2. PDF with the solutions (57 pages). It includes detailed explanations and print screens with the  formulas required to solve each problem.
  3. 22 Excel files with the data required for each exercise.
  4. 20 Excel files with the solutions to each exercise.


Andrey Ampilogov, based in Rusia, currently works as SPSS programmer. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Quantitative Economics. Andrey has held several positions as  senior analyst at major financial institutions in Rusia and the US.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Additional information

Specification: 20 Real Vlookup Exercises


Time Estimate

12 Hours

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  1. rona

    After finishing all the exercises, I feel now much more confident about this crucial function. You end up practicing vlookup in lots of different scenarios. Quite different from the regular exercises and online tutorials.
    I really liked to have all the data in different workbooks so you can focused on the problems rather than wasting time filling up a blank spreadsheet just to get started.

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  2. shiva

    I recently purchased these practice exercises and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. The exercises are varied and practical, covering a wide range of scenarios where the VLOOKUP function can be applied. What’s more, the difficulty level of the exercises increases progressively, making the learning experience challenging yet rewarding.
    Solutions provided for each exercise are clear and well explained. They come with visual aids and examples, making them easy to understand and straightforward.
    Highly recommended

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  3. Xia Jones matt

    I liked a lot that the exercises are quite different and you have to solve them in a different manner. I didn´t know there were so many options when working with Vlookup.
    Good investment!

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