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Excel Projects for Practice
Excel Projects for Practice



Excel Projects for Practice



This practice includes 10 Excel projects to practice a wide range of Excel functions and formulas:

  • Sales data analysis: You are given an Excel file (9000 rows)  with the sales data of an electronics company. You will have to calculate the revenue of the company based on several conditions and requirements.
  • Budget & Costs: Given two spreadsheets with the budget and expenses of 20 different departments of a multinational corporation, your task is to compare them to find teams with the highest deficit. You will also have to disclose the most common type of expense among certain teams as well as other KPIs.
  • Build a medal tracker to rank countries based on different rules (3 Exercises).
  • Create a mortgage calculator: You will have to calculate monthly payments of a loan with fix interest rates and build the amortization schedule.
  • Salaries: human resources or talent acquisition teams keep records of employees activity along with their personal data. Given an excel file with staff information, you will have to calculate statistics like the gross average salary in the company, the most common degree among employees,  the top earner of the company, the expected raise for the next year and so on. 9 exercises.
  • Freelance satisfaction survey: You will have to build a survey template to measure freelances performance and yield a total final rating according to some conditions.
  • BMI Index calculator: Calculate the body index mass and display it in a pre-defined manner.

Benefits of this Excel Practice

Some Excel challenges are real, they simulate real world problems regular Excel professionals face on a daily basis at any position of multiple industries. Others are fun Excel exercises adapted for educational purposes to make you practice important tools of the spreadsheet. That is the real advantage of this type of Excel exercises; you are told a problem and your task is to guess how to solve it with Excel or you are requested to measure/calculate/assess something and your job is to decide what is the most efficient Excel function or formula and implement it.
You receive all the datasets necessary to carry out the tasks, so you can start working on each problem immediately.


– IF Statements.
– Filters.
– Statistic formulas: average, weighted average, etc.
– Pivot Tables.
– Drop-down menus, check boxes.
– Nested formulas.
– AND/OR conditionals.


After purchase you will receive a zip file in the confirmation email. It is also always available in your Practity account if you are a registered user.
The ZIP file includes the next content:

  • 1 PDF with the instructions.
  • 1 PDF with the  solutions (40 pages). It includes detailed explanations about how to solve each Excel project and print screens  with the formulas required to solve each problem. There are also links to proper online tutorials.
  • 2 Spreadsheets with the solutions.
  • 8 Excel files with the data.


Rhynard Prins is a Business Development Manager in an Asset Management company. Based in South Africa, he holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial engineering.


Some of the projects are harder than the others, but as a whole, they are aimed at intermediate Excel students that want to improve their Excel skills and ensure they are knowledgeable enough about Excel, the most common software in offices and universities.
Prior experience with Excel is recommended as well as some online/offline course.

The spreadsheets included in the project have been done with the latest Excel version. It is then compatible with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.



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  1. enote

    It ‘s my second purchase and working on this type of assignments is definitely the way to learn the spreadsheet
    These challenges have proven to be a refreshing departure from the classic exercises available online. Not only did they provide me with real-life problems to solve, but they also helped me gain confidence in using important Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, and nested conditionals

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  2. Klaus Wi

    Very good and interesting excel practice. Different from what you see in online courses and excel websites. Clear instructions.

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