Excel Data for Practice

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Excel Data for Practice
Excel Data for Practice



Excel Data for Practice

Enhance your Excel skills with our Excel data for practice. Designed for students and teachers, this collection of 10 excel datasets is perfect for boosting your vlookup, pivot table, math formula, string function, and data analysis skills. Each file varies in size, offering a wide range of practice opportunities. From large datasets to shorter ones, you’ll have plenty of material to work with.

With our Excel data for practice, you can master complex Excel tasks and boost your productivity. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these datasets provide real-world use cases to test your skills and deepen your understanding of data manipulation.

The files are based on real-world datasets but with fake figures and modified data. Eventhough, data has been carefully crafted to make sense and simulate real-life scenarios. Moreover, some of the datasets are used in Practity projects, so if you’re interested in the possible Excel exercises and problems to solve with these spreadsheets, visit our real Excel projects.

1) Hotels Data

A 720 rows dataset with details of the rooms, prices and services of multiple hotels in a particular city.

excel hotels data to practice

What can you practice with this Excel data?

  • Sort table
  • Excel Tables
  • Conditional and nested conditionals
  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts
  • Basic math and statistics formulas
  • Count, CountIF

2) Time Report

A table (95 rows) showing the hours  worked by consultants each business day (23 columns, one per day) of the month for their clients. Each row corresponds to a single employee and it contains the personal data of the consultant (name, university education, role in the company, etc) and the hours billed to the client.

There is also a second worksheet (“rates”) that contains the consultancy fees broken down by category.

excel exercises of data analysis

Column description

employeeIdUnique ID of each consultant
firstNameFirst name of the consultant
lastNameFamily Name of the consultant
categoryRole of the consultant
degreeEducation of the consultant
countryCountry where the consultant is working
birth_dateDate of birth
1Hours worked the first business day of the month
2Hours worked the second business day of the month

What can you practice with this Excel table?

  • Cell formatting
  • Data analysis
  • Dates
  • Vlookup
  • Pivot tables
  • Excel string functions

3) Invoices

Dataset with the detail of more than 25000 invoices  due by a company to its suppliers. There is also a second sheet with exchange rates.

excel data for teachers

What can you practice with this Excel table?

  • Practice Excel shortcuts and tools to manage large tables
  • Duplicates
  • Excel string functions
  • Dates
  • Math functions
  • Calculations
  • Pivot Charts
  • Etc

4) Airports & Flights

Interesting large dataset (25249 rows and 16 columns)  with the origin and destination of more than 25000 flights worlwide. Each row corresponds to a flight and it contains the origin and destination as well as the time.

excel exercises with data about airports

What can you practice with this Excel table?

  • Data analysis about airports
  • Dates practice
  • Strings
  • Pivot tables
  • Charts

Columns Information

tripID of the route. Codes of the origin and destination airports
flightCode of the flight
depart_timeDeparture hour of the flight
arrive_timeArrival hour of the flight
departure_yearDeparture year of the flight
departure_monthDeparture month of the flight
departure_dayDeparture day of the flight
departure_airportOrigin airport of the flight
departure_cityOrigin city of the flight
departure_ctryOrigin country of the flight
arrival_airportDestination airport of the flight
arrival_cityDestination city of the flight
arrival_ctryDestination country of the flight
arrive_yearArrival year of the flight
arrive_monthArrival month of the flight
arrive_dayArrival day of the flight

5) Accounting – Expenses

Excel file with two sheets:

  1. Expenses dataset with 30000 costs reported by the different divisions of a multinational company.
  2. The budget allocated to each department in charge of the costs.

excel data for looukup exercises

What can you practice with these Excel datasets?

  • Sort, filters, edit functions.
  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts
  • Etc

6) Multinational Orders

Large Excel dataset (9000 rows and 17 columns) with data about the orders processed by an electronics manufacturer.
In a second sheet, you will find another table with the static data of the different clients that placed the orders.
The dataset is based on real tables, where data wrangling is required before starting the analysis or as input to another application or software.

To see the types of Excel projects for this table click here.

large excel dataset for students and teachers

What can you practice with these Excel datasets?

  • Data cleaning in Excel
  • LOOKUP functions.
  • Excel String functions
  • Nested conditionals
  • Excel math formulas
  • Conditional formatting
  • Nulls

7) Offline/Online Customers

An Excel file with two worksheets:

1) The list of customers of a supermarket that bought online (1026 rows)

2) The list of customers that buy on the supermarkets on a regular basis (1300 rows)

Excel data for vlookup practice questions


excel table to solve real problems

What can you practice with these Excel tables?

  • Duplicates

8) Pet Symptoms

A table (35 rows)  that describes the symptoms of the animals seen at a veterinary clinic.

excel table for real problems

What can you practice with this Excel table?

  • Data validation
  • Conditional formatting
  • String functions

9) EUR Exchange Rates

Excel dataset (766 rows and 33 columns) with simulated exchange rates of the EUR with 32 other currencies broken down by days. It contains the exchange rates from 2018 to 2020.

exchange rates excel data

Excel subjects to practice with this table:

  • Charts
  • Pivot Charts
  • Dates
  • Statistics and Math formulas

10) Real State

A real state agency table (72 rows) with data about prices and age of the properties for sale.

To see exercises you can do with this file, see here.

real state excel dataset for practice

What can you practice with this Excel data?

  • Statistics formulas
  • Conditional statements
  • Math calculations
  • Charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Excel tables

If you need further information about the datasets, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team:


You can also contact us at info@practity.com

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