Real Excel Exercises for Beginners

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Real Excel Exercises for Beginners
Real Excel Exercises for Beginners



50 Real Excel Exercises for Absolute Beginners



This Excel practice includes 50 Excel exercises for absolute beginners with solutions. The Excel problems cover a wide range of topics, including text and cell formatting, sorting and filtering data, working with rows and columns, functions and formulas, and even creating charts. Each Excel practice question is carefully crafted to simulate real-world scenarios, ensuring that you gain practical skills that you can apply in any professional setting. Unlike the free exercises you find scattered across the internet, our exercises are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience. You won’t find any generic or outdated examples here. Instead, you’ll be working with real-world data and solving practical problems that will truly enhance your understanding of Excel.
These Excel assignments focus on the basic but crucial concepts of the spreadsheet (like data types, popular formulas, workbooks and sheets management, etc)  that you need to master before moving to a more advanced level. Moreover, each Excel practice question is designed to practice a specific topic, function or tool of the spreadsheet. Except the important formulas and tasks you will be always working on something new.

Advantages of Excel Exercises for beginners

Simply watching online courses or reading textbooks won’t make you an Excel pro. To truly excel, you need practice. By working through these exercises, you’ll gain hands-on experience that will boost your confidence and proficiency with spreadsheets.

Not only will these exercises help you learn Excel from scratch, but they’ll also prepare you for more advanced functions. With each exercise, you’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge that will serve as a springboard for your future Excel endeavors. Bear in mind that many exercises pose a problem or a situation and your task is to find out what is the tool or function available in Excel to solve it. It is then a simulation of what you are going to confront in the real-life. Hence, after finishing this assignment, you will be prepared to use Excel in business and ready to learn more complex tools and functions like Vlookup or Pivot tables.


1) Creating, moving and deleting workbooks and sheets. The ribbon.
2) Working with data: copy/paste, inserting/removing rows and columns, drag and drop, etc.
3) Formulas and functions: Autosum, basic math formulas (AVG,MAX, MIN…), text functions, formula bar etc.
5) Filter, sort, find and replace.
6) Cell formatting: Fonts, background colors, width, editing, wrap text, borders, centering, etc.
7) Real applications of important functions: IF, COUNTIF, AND,OR, SUMIF, etc.
8) Nested Conditionals and logic functions.
9) Basic charts.
10) Templates.
11) Data and dates types.


After purchase, you will receive a Zip file attached in the confirmation email. The file is also available on your Practity account.
The Zip folder includes the following files:

  1. One PDF (14 pages)  with the Excel exercises. There are 30 exercises many of them subdivided in additional problems making a total of more than 50 exercises.
  2. One PDF with the exercises solved and explained (40 pages). All exercises are broken down in several parts and include detailed explanations and print screens of each step required to complete the exercise.
  3. Excel file with the datasets of the problems (26 sheets).
  4. Two spreadsheets with all Excel exercises solved.


These real Excel exercises for absolute beginners are aimed at students that have just completed a beginner’s online/offline course and need to start using and practicing all the topics learned. It is then for those students with no previous experience with Excel who are stating their learning journey.
The spreadsheets included in the project use the latest Excel version. It is then compatible with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.


If you need further information about the exercises, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team:


You can also contact us at


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  1. Sheldoi FF

    Wow! Excellent exercises to brush up on excel basic skills.

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  2. chunks of bit

    Taught me in clear terms what needs to be done. Solutions PDF very helpful, it doesn´t skip any step necessary to complete each exercise.

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