Real Excel Assignments with Solutions

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Real Excel Assignments with Solutions
Real Excel Assignments with Solutions






This is a real project based on daily routines of banking analysts  and finance consultants. The project is focused on data management and data manipulation with Excel.
You are given three spreadsheets with data.  The objective  is to prepare and compare worksheets to confirm that the data is correct.
The project is split into three main parts. Each one including several exercises:
1) Clean, edit  and prepare the worksheet to execute the validation. Easy.
2) Analysis and validation/reconciliation of data. You will have to compare columns to find differences or retrieve data from one sheet to another: Difficult.
3) Modification and data manipulation: Medium.
It consists of the classic reconciliation and validation job every finance professional has to carry out on a daily basis.
All assignments and tasks  included in the project are very common while working with Excel.
The advantage of working with real projects like this one, is  that you learn how to use excel to solve specific problems and what formulas or functions are the most suitable in each scenario. That is the main difference with regular exercises.  It is a simulation of what you will face in the real world.

1) Data querying formulas, in particular Vlookup. You will learn about the business applications of Vlookup as well as the different situations where you may execute it. The second part of the project is all about vlookup.
2) Commonly used functions: IF statements, nested formulas, concatenate(), exact(), etc.
3) Cell editing and formatting features.
4) Navigation on the spreadsheet, keyboard shortcuts, filters, etc.
5) Page set up: insert/delete rows/columns, copy,  paste options, etc.
6) Print.

This project is aimed at beginners, but it requires a minimum knowledge of  Excel. Students must have attended a complete course of Excel .
All spreadsheets included in the project have been done in Excel 2013. It is compatible with Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2016.

You will receive a zip folder  in the email confirmation after purchase. It is also available on your account.
The file includes 2 PDFs and 5 Excel files:
– PDF with the instructions.
– PDF (20 pages) with the project solutions. You will receive detailed explanations and the formulas for each task along with print screens for each assignment. You will see in each image where the requested features and tools  are located.
– Three Excel files with data.  120 rows and 19 fields.
– 2 spreadsheets with the project  solved.

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