Views: 290
    • All levels
    • 300 Exercises: data types, arrays, conditionals, loops, search, strings, function, recursion, LINQ, structure. 
    • Print result of specified operations (sum, product), print average of 4 numbers, convert temperature, print odd numbers in a list, input password, calculate perimeter&area of circle, convert number to binary, etc.
    • All levels
    • Evaluation/skills tests
    • All levels
    • 200 Exercises: sum, division of two numbers, create a program to convert from celsius degrees to Kelvin, create a program to display the numbers 1 to 10 on screen, using “while”, create a program to write the even numbers from 10 to 20, create a program to display values of a linear  function, reverse an array, create a  program to imitate the basic Unix SysV “banner”, function to write text centered on screen,program to tell if two files (of any kind) are identical, etc.
    C-Sharp Corner
    Views: 143
    • Beginner
    • 14 Exercises: program that converts lower case letter to the upper case, program  to determine whether a year entered through the keyboard is a leap year or not, a program that prints an identity matrix using a for loop, create a program using a loop that prints featured output, etc.
    • Beginner
    • 18 Exercises: variables, data types, operators, conditionals, c# statements, loops, encapsulation, clases, methods, exception handling, constructors, inherintance. 
    • Beginner – Intermdiate
    • 70 Exercises: object oriented programs, classes&objects, reference types, properties, methods, operators, events, specialization, extensión, inheritance, interfaces, exception handling, collection clases, LINQ.
    • Beginner – Inermediate
    • 180 Practice problems
    • Beginner – Intermediate
    • 80 Exercises: operators, conditionals, loops, search, sort, strings, printing, structures.
    • Beginner – Intermediate
    • 70 Exercises: visual C#
    Views: 75
    • Beginner – Intermediate
    • 80 Exercises
    • Beginner – Intermediate
    • 11 Exercises: interactive program, arrays, constructors, looping through 2D arrays, classes, etc.
    Views: 29
    • Beginner – Intermediate
    • 10 Exercises: program to count male/female vocals in array, numbers between 1 and 1000 that are divisible by 3, program to work out if a series of 5 digits are consecutive numbers, etc.
    • Intermediate
    • 80 Exercises/projects
    • Intermediate
    • 18 Exercises: differences between structures&classes, C#compiler, properties, virtual instance methods, foreach statement, generic types, parameter constraints.
    Csharp examples
    Views: 80
    • Intermediate
    • 65 Examples: .NET clases, string formatting, files, folders, XML, reflection, LINQ, Windows forms, printing, conversions, ADO.NET. 
    Views: 92
    • Intermediate
    • 15 Interview questions.
    Views: 17
    • Intermediate
    • 100 Coding Interview questions: exception handling, OOPS, Loops, etc.
    • Intermediate
    • 5 Exercises
    • Interemdiate
    • 5 University assignments: classes, atributes, constructors, functions, conditionals, methods, OOP.
    • Intermediate
    • 3 assignments: matrix manipulator, sorted set, querier class using LINQ. 
    • Intermediate
    • 2 Program examples: C# console mode application, ASP.NET web service application.
    Views: 37
    • Intermediate – Advanced
    • 50 Users submitted projects examples: database backup service, phone directory system, battery alarm, CRM, investment management system, library management software, multiple choice quiz, etc.
    Views: 41
    • Unknown
    • 15 Exam questions: Microsoft 70-483 Certification exam
    • Unknown
    • 10 Tests: 20 questions each test.
    • Advanced
    • 6 Projects: code cleaning, sudoku algorithm, sort algorithm, 3D.
    • Advanced
    • 40 Project ideas: e-commerce mobile shop, cooking recipe portal, college information system, online examination, library management system,  etc.
    Views: 39
    • All levels, all Programming Languages
    • Exercises, challenges, problems



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    1) Microsoft Virtual Academy

    2 ) Brackeys (15 videos, 12 min)


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