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What is Core Java and what is the role of core java developers?

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Core Java is the basic java that covers basic concepts of the java programming language. Java language is quite easy to comprehend. One should know that programming. Everyone is aware that when a developer begins their journey, they should start learning about core java and then move towards advanced java. Java programming is based on the OOPs concept and has a general-purpose. Java is too deep to understand and learn, but one should know that java is not different from core java. Java had different editions wherein Core Java is one of their parts. Core java is the part of Java programming which is used for the development and creation of a general-purpose application,  a mobile application, or even a web application.

Core Java is also known as Java Standard Edition(J2SE). It mainly covers concepts related to object-oriented programming (OOP), and its main foundations are:

  • Inheritance: Allows using existing classes without starting the coding from the beginning.
  • Polymorphism: Allows writing codes wherein it can be used in multiple ways 
  • Encapsulation: Combines method and data into one unit 
  • Abstraction: Allows writing code in a way where it can conceal the details of implementation 

As a Java core developer, your role involves using Java and different programming languages and developing applications, software, games, and many more computer and mobile devices. Java core developers should be able to maintain, design, and develop high-quality applications, write test cases, and set up the monitoring. They are supposed to find bugs and resolve them during the run time. They have to make sure that the design meets the specifications that are mentioned.

A Java developer’s work doesn't end when the programming is done; they are supposed to maintain the active system and find different ways the application can do better.

Why do developers love Java:

  • It is highly stable 
  • High compilation of code 
  • Can be accessed with different operating systems 




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