Our Mission and Purpose

Due to the increasing demand for coding skills, the number of self taught students is exploding. Usually the learning curve begins with online tutorials and courses, but unfortunately that is not enough, actually,  is just the first step. The only way to learn coding or any other software like Excel is… practicing.

At Practity, our mission is to empower students to learn Python and Excel by doing. We understand the significance of practical application in the learning process, especially in a dynamic and evolving field like programming. Our primary purpose is to help students move forward on their learning curve by offering them real-world Python and Excel projects and challenges that foster practical skills and knowledge retention.

Values and Product Highlights

Our projects and challenges are meticulously designed to provide students with an enriching and immersive learning experience.

All of our practice projects, challenges and practice questions are real or based on the instructor professional experience. Solving real-world problems is an encouraging method of learning and acquiring the core elements of Python and Excel.

Great Instructors

Practity’s learning materials are carefully curated and developed by college professors, data scientists, software engineers and senior developers who possess extensive industry experience. We assure the instructors qualify as teachers so that  challenges  are solved with clean and clear  code.

This also ensures that the projects reflect real-world scenarios and are aligned with industry standards, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Python applications in various domains.

While our projects are derived from real-world applications, they are specifically adapted for educational purposes. The goal of this adaptation is to maintain a balance between real-world complexity and educational clarity, ensuring that students can grasp the underlying concepts while being challenged to apply their skills in practical scenarios.

Python Subjects

The projects and challenges available at Practity allow students to practice core topics of Python such as data analysis, data cleaning, desktop app development, web app development, game development, and object-oriented programming (OOP).

We understand the importance of transparency and guidance in the learning process. Therefore, all the Python challenges, projects and assignments of Practity come with the source code and detailed explanations. The advantage of solutions is that learners not only understand the final implementation of the programs but also comprehend the underlying logic and the methodology. That  promotes a holistic learning experience.

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Python and Excel Projects for practice
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