1) University of Washington (Login required for solutions)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 1200 Exercises + Exams: parameters and objects, linked lists, stacks and queues, conditionals, recursion, file processing, binary trees, Java collections framework, graphics, etc.

    2) W3Resource

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 400 Exercises: data types, conditional statements, arrays, strings, methods, numbers, files, date time, input – output file system, maths.

    3) World Best Learning Center

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 60 Exercises aprox: arithmetic operators, even/odd number, print patterns,loops, sort array, search element of array, define linked list item, Oriented Objects Programming, count items of list, show menu, etc.

    4) Natural Programming (PDF)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 60 Exercises: calculations, convert height into centimeters, loops, program to convert table of miles into km, arrays, program to reverse order of array, strings, lottery numbers generator, text characters count, static methods, program to convert temperature values, classes, lists, etc.

    5) Oum students (PDF)

        • Beginner – intermediate
        • 28 Exercises: object oriented programming, applet to display name, convert Fahrernheit into celsius, print sum and product of two integers, program to find largest value, interest rate calculator of accounts holders, etc.

    6) University of Hamburg

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 40 Exercises aprox: control flow, check output of a program, variables, find and fix bugs, loops, conditionals, data objects, arrays, inheritance, classes, why program doesn´t compile,  interfaces.

    7) Exercism

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 80 Exercises aprox: reverse string, translate RNA sequences into proteins, check if number is valid per Luhn formula, return rows and columns of matrix, implementation of Caesar cipher, word count in a phrase, prime factors, alphametics puzzles, queens on chess board, binary search algorithm, etc.

    8) Computer Science Programming Tutorials

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 50 Exercises, financial, physics, dates, math applications: calculate area&perimeter of circle and rectangle, volume cylinder calculator, find number of years, calculate average aceleration, compound interest calculator, payroll program, check ISBN-10, addition quiz game, linear ecuations and so on.

    9) University of Texas

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 30 Examples: loops, arrays, files, web, lists, classes, recursion, word count.

    9) Programming by doing (Zed Shaw)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 200 Assignments: basics, arrays, variables, conditionals, GUI, random numbers, loops, graphics, functions, sorting, records, Project Euler problems.

    10) Rutgers University (PDF)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • Exam – 15 questions: output of code fragment, compute length of hypotenuse, sum of two dice, etc.

    11) California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

        • Beginner – Intermediate – Advnaced
        • 15 Programming problems: treasure hunt program, compose secret messages, convert roman numbers into arabic, error handling, phone words, words count in text, calculate bowling match scores, sudoku solver, etc.

    12) Coders Campus

        • Intermediate
        • 8 Exercises: number guessing game, high stakes roulette, anagram, recursive factorial, etc.

    13) Github – muatik

        • Intermediate
        • 20 Exercises: strings, stack, queues, sorting, graphs, trees, statistics (distributions). Unique characters in a string, string reverse, remove duplicates from a linked list, union-find algorithm, check if tree is balanced, binary search tree, etc.

    14) Jenkov

        • Intermediate
        • 6 exercises: Java app, arrays, classes, objects, loops.

    15) The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

        • Intermediate
        • 20 Exercises: linked list operations using JHAVEPOP.

    16) Coding Homework (Solution in video)

        • Intermediate
        • 18 Exercises: arrays, loops, conditionals, inheritance, methods, GUI,math: program for grades of driver license test, creating classes, objects and methods, flight class, dog class, etc.

    17) Level Up Lunch

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 100 Exercises aprox: tax&tip for restaurant bill, present value calculation, account annual interest rate&balance, sort names, slot machine simulation, stock commision calculator, area of hexagon, check if array is sorted,  compute standard deviation, count occurrence of numbers, count vowels&consonants, etc.

    17) Hobart and William Smith Colleges (2001)

        • Intermediate
        • 55 Exercises: strings, objects, loops, subroutines, GUI Programming, exceptions, networked applications, recursion.
        • Program to print your initials, count change, applet that draws checkerboard, computing statistics of set of numbers, blackjack game, applet with button for text input, five stones game, etc.

    18) Nanyang Technological University

        • Intermediate
        • 70 Exercises: conditionals, loops, nested-loops, debugging, file input, string, array, method, command line arguments, pattern printing, recursión, sorting, number theory.
        • Programs: Pass/fail program, odd/even number, sum, product, average of integers, Fibonacci numbers,  multiplication table, vowels/consonants count, swap array content, etc.

    19) Programmr

        • Intermediate
        • Projects

    20) Oyvind Ryan (PDF)

        • Intermediate
        • 25 Math Exercises: quadratic ecuations, power, catalan numbers, true/false statements count, etc.

    21) Cave of programming

        • Intermediate
        • 10 Exercises + 2 challenges: variables, conditionals, boolean logic. Printing variables, temperature converter, imperial to metric converter, body mass calculator, Immigrant data analysis, etc.

    22) SanFoundry

        • Intermediate
        • 1000 Examples: numerical, combinatorial, graphs, geometry, data structures, API. Median, permutations, searching algorithms, generating partitions & graphs.

    23) University of Illinois

        • Intermediate
        • 50 Computer science exams

    24) Princeton University

        • Intermediate
        • 84 Math exercises: conditionals and loops. Exponential&trigonometric functions, game simulation, Euler sum, median, code fragment check, RGB to HSB converter, etc.

    24) Blog Java Tutorial95

        • Intermediate
        • 17 Java Interface interview questions

    24) Blog Technologygkmost

        • Intermediate
        • 26 Commonly asked interview questions

    24) Techbeamers

        • Intermediate
        • 30 Code Interview questions

    25) Saint Bonaventure University

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 9 Problems: information leaks, users passwords allowed, average temperatures, enigma encoding, alarm fires, mileage claims, etc.

    26) Github – Karan

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 110 Exercises-projects aprox: math, classic algorithms, graphs, text, networking, classes, threading, web, files, Databases, multimedia, security.
        • Pi number, prime factorization, mortgage calculator, change return program, alarm clock, credit card validator, tax calculator, happy numbers, coin flip simulation, Eulerian path, count vowels, quote tracker, random gift suggestions, CAPTCHA maker, PDF generator, etc.

    27) Code Exercises

        • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
        • 28 Exercises: linear search, sum of two numbers, find maximum, prime number, binary tree check, largest prime factor, etc.

    28) Practice geeks for geeks

        • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
        • 40 Full problems, function problems, company interview questions (Amazon, Google, Samsung, MorganStanley, Adobe, etc): nearest multiple of 1o, alien dictionary, mirror tree, reverse a linked list, phone directory, find median in a stream, remove duplicates, maximum product subarray, Kadane´s Algorithm, coin change, level order traversal, etc.

    28) University of Cambridge (PDF, no solutions available)

        • Advanced
        • 25 Math exercises: algorithm for date of Easter, Friday 13th problem, square root, chinese ring puzzle, code fragment output, tree sort problem and so on.

    29) Hs-karlsruhe

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 30 Exercises: flow control, objects, recursion, backtracking, interfaces, math problems.
        • Convert Unicode into UTF-8, winning strategy for roulette, Sudokus, print multiplication table, Newton´s method, zeros of continuous functions, etc.

    30) Stony Brook University (The programming contest Training Manual, New York 2003)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 30 Challenges: geometry, graphs, optimization, strings, arrays.

    31) Github (Java EE)

        • Advanced
        • 5 Exercises: welcome page display on WildFly&Glassfish, JAX-RS application, configure greeting text, etc.

    32)International Collegiate programming Contest (IBM sponsored)

        • Advanced
        • 60 Problems from latest editions (1980 – 2018)

    33) Code guru (Zip)

        • 100 Exercises

    34) ImageJ

        • 9 Debugging exercises

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  • If you get stuck, do not hesitate to ask Google or Stackoverflow !

    1) Projectsgeek (Zip)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 40 real world app projects.

    2) Enggroom (Zip)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 8 real world app projects

    3) Reddit Daily Programmer

        • Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
        • 320 Challenges

    4) Hackerrank

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 60 Challenges: strings, data structures, OOP, exceptions, etc.

    5) Spoj

        • Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
        • 1700 Problems

    6) LeetCode

        • Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
        • 2000 Problems: oo design, operating system, database, algorithms, shell.

    7) CodeChef (Login required)

        • Easy, Intermediate, Advanced

    8) Coderbyte

        • Beginner – Intermediate

    9) 1000Projects (No solutions available)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 1000 real world projects

    10) JavaTpoint

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 18 Projects

    11) Dream in Code (No solutions available)

        • Intermediate
        • 200 Project ideas

    12) CodeWars (Login + problem solving required)

        • Intermediate – Advanced

    13) CODE WITH C (No source code available)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 35 Project ideas

    14) Chalmers University of Technology (Login required for solutions)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 7 Projects

    14)  OPEN SOURCE. Billing System (Github)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • Open source project to create a billing app for small stores.

    15) H2C (Programming Contest)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • Problem sets of last editions (2010 – 2018)

    15) University of Joensuu (2003)

        • Advanced
        • 5 Games Projects: Poker, blackjack,minesweeper, graph drawing.

    16) TopCoder (Monetary Prize)

        • Advanced

    17) Open source contributions (GitHub)

        • First timers
        • 5 open source projects .

    18) Bloomberg Codecon Contest (Login required)

        • Advanced
        • Challenges of previous editions

    19) Rosetta Code

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 800 problems

    20) Editx

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • List of next  European challenges open for subscription
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