1) JavaScript Hero (Theory&Exercises)

        • Beginner
        • 47 Exercises: variables, functions, parameters, strings, for/while loops, arrays.
        • Declare variable and assign value, define function that returns text, return number of characters in a string, function to return characters of a string in Upper/lowercase, function to replace character in string, calculate hypoteneuse, function to add amounts with surcharge, function to get first element of an array, etc.

    3) Amherst College

        • Beginner
        • 6 Exercises: create web to calculate age, write a constructor (planet)  and ten objects that store information, write web form with radio button input, etc.

    4) W3Resources

        • Beginner -Intermediate
        • 130 Exercises
        • Get current date, find area of triangle, calculate days until christmas, convert temperatures, program to get website url, calculate sum/product of two integers, find duplicates in array, check if matrix is diagonal or not, find longest string in array, find even digits, etc. 

    5) Nicholas Johnson (Theory&Exercises)

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 30 Exercises: variables, strings, functions, closure, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, arrays, loops.
        • Link a JS file into a HTML file, put an alert, calculate average number of weeks in human lifetime, create variables to store a string, program that tells time of the day (morning, afternoon, night),etc.

    6) NodeSchool-Github

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 20 Exercises: arrays, conditionals, loops, strings, objects, variables.

    7) Unknown

        • Beginner -Intermediate
        • 10 Exercises: code fragment checking, display multiplication table, debug script, spot logic errors,etc.

    8) A smarter way to learn

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 87 Test questions: variables, alerts, conditionals, arrays, loops, strings ,dates, functions, events, images, DOM, objects, browser, form validation.

    8) The coding Train (YOUTUBE)

        • Beguinner – Intermediate
        • 160 Exercises: the snake game, starfield in processing, space invaders, Double pendulum, fractal trees, minesweeper, maze generator, fireworks, clock, Wikipedia API, etc.

    9) André Restivo

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 8 Exercises: comments, AJAX request, elements, events.

    10) Brown University

        • Beginner – Intermediate
        • 6 Functions exercises: function that squares number, function that makes flower bloom, function that returns values, random numbers, etc.

    11) Adriann-GITHUB

        • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
        • 50 Exercises: basic, lists, strings, functions, GUI. open ended.
        • Write function that prints prime numbers, guess secret number, print next 20 leap years, merge two sorted lists, function to add, substract and multiply two numbers, sorting algorithms, convert English text to morse, implement binary search tree, find longest common subsequence, multiply two matrices together, program that plays hangman, program that displays bouncing ball, etc.

    11) Dream in Code. List of project ideas for practice (No solutions)

        • Intermediate
        • 150 Exercises and Projects: vowels count, RSS feed, text to HTML generator, Regex query tool, P2P file sharing app, country from IP lookup, movie store, library catalog, chat application, bandwith monitor, etc.

    11) Exercism

        • Intermediate
        • 40 Exercises
        • Leap year, reverse string, determine if a sentence is a pangram, convert binary number to its decimal equivalent, compute Pascal´s triangle, implement rational numbers, determine type of triangle, clean up user entered phone numbers, convert nomal numbers to roman numerals, method for composing secret messages, write a robot simulator, calculate date of meetups, score of bowling game, etc.

    12) Open book Project

        • Intermediate
        • 50 Exercises: functions, regular expressions, JSON, JQuery.
        • Return absolute value, function to split the check/bill and the tip, return the double of value, function isEven, count characters, function to extract date, ranges, return maximum value of an array, calculate arithmetic mean, mode, median, function to e-mail check,  countZeroes function, check if paragraph is a header, etc.

    13) University of Central Florida (PDF)

        • Intermediate
        • 20 Labs
        • Create a JavaScript page, display type and version of browser, alert method to display message to user, request and capture user input, confirm method, customize page for user, store user’s name in variable, personalize user’s visit, display alert dialog box, etc.

    14) Devleague. Github

        • Intermediate
        • 20 Exercises: functions. Convert number to string, sum, substract, multiply, square, function isGreaterThan, isEven, isOdd, increment reviews, etc.

    15) University of Liverpool (PDF)

        • Intemediate
        • 10 Functions exercises

    16) University of Washington

        • Intermediate
        • 12 Exercises: create UI elements, add button and checkbox, link HTML page to JS file,  write alert message, function to modify text area and font size, add an event handler, button to uppercase text, set page to have background image, etc.

    18) Probabilistic Models of Cognition

        • Intermediate
        • 12 Exercises: math functions, Map reduce, arrays, objects: write math expression in webPPL, compute function, explain what a function does, guess result of expressions, write arrays, explain recursive function, etc.

    19) Bart Busschots

        • Intermediate
        • 14 Exercises: math. Print Fibonacci series, FizzBuzz, calculate factorial, function add, substract and multiply complex numbers, etc.

    20) University of Science and Techonology of China (No solutions)

        • Intermediate
        • 10 Exam questions.

    21) University of Delaware (PDF)

        • Intermediate
        • 7 exercises: prompt to ask user background colour, write webpage, rock/paper/scissors, write coffee sales app. 

    22) Teaching-Materials

        • Intermediate
        • 5 Programs:calculator, temperature converter, geometrizer, fortune teller function.

    23) Github (Coursera)

        • Intermediate
        • 4 Projects

    24) University of British Columbia (PDF)

        • Intermediate
        • Quiz exercises

    25) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

        • Intermediate
        • 5 Exercises: Jquery, elements, attributes: explain code fragments, create native method, etc.

    26) Stanford University (PDF, no solutions)

        • Intermediate
        • 5 Programs: function to add prefixes to strings, program that displays a pyramid, hailstone sequence, etc.

    27) University of Northem Iowa

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 1 Project: interactive practice quiz webpage

    28) Brown University

        • Intermediate -Advanced
        • 1 Project: Use JavaScript display changes – changing HTML and alerts, Allow user interaction with onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout, onkeydown, Use variables and functions to make code cleaner, Image rollover and color changes.

    29)  (Online JavaScript console)

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 7 Exercises: write functions to find out sum, max, min of an array, select even numbers, etc.

    30) Sanfoundry

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 1000 Multiple choice Q&A.

    31) Doppnet

        • Intermediate
        • 10 Test questions: variables, scoping, hoisting, closures, inheritance.

    32) Toptal

        • Intermediate
        • 37 Interview questions

    33) Robert Half

        • Intermediate
        • 6 Interview questions

    34) Sitepoint

        • Intermediate
        • 5 Interview questions: scope, native methods, variables, functions.

    34) Maxpou

    • Intermediate – Advanced
    • 6 Interview exercises: coding, debugging and system design.


    35) Oxygen

        • Intermediate
        • 2 Projects

    36) Examveda

        • Intermediate
        • 70 multiple choice Q&A

    37) Test4Geeks

        • Intermediate
        • 20 Test questions: functions, scope, arrays, objects, browser, operators, statements.

    38) TestDome

        • Intermediate
        • Online test

    39) University of Pennsylvania

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • 8 Projects/Programs:
        • Libraries Node, requests, sax.js, jQuery, MongoDB, Babel, React.JS. Obtain data with NYT API key, fetching popular articles, parsing metadata, Object Oriented JavaScript, implement classes, build a map builder, build a minimal version of Piazza that operates in real-time, write an express server that interfaces with MongoDB database, Conway’s Game of Life, etc.

    40) University of Texas (No solution)

        • 7 Project ideas

    41) Elevator Saga

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • Programming contest: transport 15 people in 60 seconds.

    42) JS Code Golfing Competition

        • Intermediate – Advanced
        • Programming competition : submit demos

    43) Github

        • Advanced
        • 35 exercises: fix stock options code algorithm, explain code fragment, explain why functions return certain values, Object-freeze, explain result of Snippets code, find performance issue to fix, primitives&objects, fix Running man code to survive, etc.

    44) Yaniyiyi ( Answers of the book Secrets of the Javascript Ninja-Manning)

        • Advanced
        • 17 Exercises

    45) Nodeknockout (Node.js Programming Competition)

        • Advanced
        • Samples of winners submissions.

    45) Challenge Rocket (Test)

        • Advanced

    46) Coderbyte

        • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

    47) Reddit- Traversy (YouTube)

        • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
        • Compilation of videos with JavaScript projects, React, Node, Backend frameworks, etc.


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    1) REVOLUNET. Free JavaScript books

    2)  Eloquent JavaScript

    3) Learning JavaScript Design Patterns


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