Practity (Paid)

            • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced
            • Real world Excel practice projects and assigments.

    1) University of Tennessee (PDF)

            • Beginner
            • 11 Labs & 5 Exams: formulas, functions, charts, data export, descriptive statistics. Formatting cells&columns, what if calculations, table special formats, cost-benefit analysis, link worksheets, regression, etc.

    2) Mr.Minger (PDF)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 16 Exercises: cell formatting, functions, formula, pie chart, print, lookup…

    3) SWLearning

            • Beguinner
            • 16 Exercises: calculations, functions.

    4) University of York (PDF + google sheets)

            • Beginner – Intermediate
            • 6 Exercises: autofill, functions, if function, dates, sort&filtering, lookups,pivot tables. Select cells, remove columns, modify height of row, rename sheets, construct formulas (sum, discount, substraction…), costs calculations, number formats, convert figures into porcentage, counts,  etc.

    5) FSU (PDF)

            • Beginner
            • 15 Exercises: cell formatting, sheet reference, conditionals. Sort months is a row, label sheets, create drop down menu, replace cell values, etc.

    6) World Best Learning Center (Word)

            • Intermediate – advanced
            • 36 sets: conditionals, sum – count functions,  if function, date functions, basic calculations, filtering, Vlookup,VBA.

    7) Chandoo

            • Intermediate
            • 26 exercises: dates, formulas, functions, duplicates,Vlookup, conditionals. Calculate vacation days in a period, find patterns, number of common values in two lists, date functions, calculate payment schedule…

    8) Western Oregon University

            • Intermediate
            • 15 exercises: sort techniques, grouping, filters, functions.

    9) Lablearning (Zip)

            • Intermediate
            • 23 Exercises

    10) ExamlLabs (Microsoft Office Specialist for Excel exam 77-420)

            • Intermediate
            • 30 Questions

    10) Fucua Business School/DUKE University (PDF)

            • Advanced
            • 5 Challenges: formulas, sum product functions, if statements,  forcasting, data table, scatter plot, create multiplication table, etc.

    11) E for Excel

            • Advanced
            • 67 challenges: find duplicates and show count, convert to date format, hyperlink to another cell in another worksheet, consolidate daily sheets into a weekly sheet, convert matrix into linear column, bar graphs, longest Word in list, maximum total score and so on.

    12) Staff amu (PDF)

            • Intermediate
            • 12 Exercises: list ranges, advanced filters, subtotals, grouping, data validation, invalid data, duplicates, formula evaluation, cell formatting.

    13) Public Library

            • Intermediate
            • 4 Exercises: financial, logical, date functions, references.

    14) Excel-example

            • Intermediate
            • 2 Exercises: conditionals. Sum if, count if.

    15) Excel dashboard

            • Intermediate
            • 6 Exercises: sum if, sumproduct, calculations, pivot table by month&store, etc.

    16) Keycuts

            • Intermediate
            • 1 Challenge: dates

    17) University of Regina

            • Beginner
            • 3 exercises: formulas, if function, cell formatting. Total, subtotals income and costs calculation, averages,  substraction, text formatting, etc.

    18) Adelfi

            • Beginner
            • 2 assigments: cell format, calculations,sorting, logic functions, printing.

    19) Excel skills

            • Intermediate
            • 1 Exercise: pivot table.

    20) Excel Exams




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